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CASE NUMBER: 325-483499-10

 I have been reviewing several cases with the Tarrant County Family Courts for over seven years now and I would like it to be noted that I am a father of three children. I have never been more amazed by the injustice with one like I have in following a case that was brought to my attention September 2010.

 An 11 year old boy was ripped away from his mother (and two, half siblings) who had raised him his entire life since he was born by Judge Terri White giving full custody to his biological father (who has been represented by a well spoken attorney who has seemed to have had more than just a case conference relationship with Judge White) who had not only been absent in the childs entire life making him a complete stranger to the child but failed to provide any type of financial support. Judge White had stated that the mother had ran off and denied the father the right to establish a relationship with his child. As referenced to me by a witness at the childs previous school  while in his mothers care, when the father and grandmother came to the school to detain the child with Judge Whites court order, neither the father nor grandmother could identify the child! The school as well as the police department refused to give custody of the child to the father. The child was two later to be removed by writ of attachment. As the case progressed on, the facts appeared to start surfacing (police reports and medical records dated as far back as July 1997 referencing domestic violence against the father ) on the mothers behalf but Judge White would not allow them to be admitted into evidence. Mother stated in an Affidavit provided to the courts September 2010 that she did not deny the father a relationship with the child, that the fact was that the father was severely abusing not only her but there child also documented again. In a CPS report that was falsely filed against the mother by the childs father on 12/23/2005 (two days before Christmas) which was ultimately closed as unfounded due to the father not being cooperative and refusal to submit to an drug test mother had disclosed abuse with a case worker Sharon English stating the child had suffered burns under the fathers care but that no medical treatment was sought by the childs father or grandmother)  The mother had stated that she in fact did try to locate the father, taking the child to even visit the grandmother (fathers mother) on several occasions but had not been given any information to locate him. Father had admitted under oath that he in fact had moved 4 or 5 times throughout the 11 years but per the DMV records his address was never updated until October 2010. The father who also testified under the oath of Judge Terri White that in fact the mother was not a terrible mother, that she was clean, had a nice home that she had raised there son to be respectful, well mannered and that in fact he personally had checked with the childs school and had determined that the child had in fact been a A, B honor roll student with perfect attendance while in mothers care. Mother was still placed on supervised visits with the child Judge White had stated that she did not like the mothers past lifestyle ( Fraudulent use of ID over 10 years ago, 3 bad check cases most recent being 2007) and that the mother could flee, despite the fact the mother had only moved 3 times in the last 11 years and did update her address with the DMV each time she was considered a risk by Judge Terri White. It would later be noted by the Tarrant County Family Courts (who began to monitor the case) that the child appeared to be unhappy with the father and at times seemed to be in fear of the father, on one occasion it was disclosed by the child to the mother and caseworker that the father was telling him what to say and how to respond in the event he was asked questions by the courts, documented missed visits by the dad ultimately denying the mother access to see the child. A supervisor with the Tarrant County Family Courts went on to note a conversation of a call placed by the father in regards to the mothers supervised visits stating that he was not happy with them that the mother (who had raised the child his entire life) was getting to much time with the child and it was a conflict with his work schedule. While noting mothers behavior was more than positive and nurturing with the child, no missed or late visits child seemed very happy with mom, it was noted that mother seemed to even provide the child with necessities and financially.  This information was also submitted to Judge Terri White but as well this issue was never addressed. On an interview provided by someone who would like to remain anonymous with the Tarrant County Family Courts they advised, that they have never in there over 15 years with the department seen a case like this. That they personally believed that something was going on behind closed doors, what they have seen from mom, dad and child does not add up to the rulings that have been made on this case.
 The mother would receive vulgar and demeaning emails from the father and on one occasion even threatening her life, Judge Terri White stated in court that she in fact believed that the emails were “made up”, the mother determined to prove wrong subpoenaed Yahoo, the father who had filed a motion which originally was signed by the Judge preventing the mother from obtaining these records,(his motion would later be overturned). The mother would later on prove that in fact the emails were not made up, evidence was not seen or heard in the District Court (Judge Judith Wells) stating that Judge White had previously addressed this issue!
CPS was contacted in May 2011, Candice Stephens out of Fort Worth was the investigator on the case, the child was interviewed by Ms. Stephens without the mother being present. The child had disclosed to her (which was documented in the report) that the father would always call him names, that the father had smoked drugs in front of him, that the father had even thrown bleach on him out of rage,  that the father had punched him, that the father had choked him and thrown him up against the wall, that the father had pulled a gun on him and threatened to kill him and his mother, the child had disclosed with the caseworker not to send him back that he was in fear of what his father might do to him, (the caseworker would note that she did not observe any markings, the child who is darker skinned, wearing a collard shirt and pants was never physically examined by the worker and no pictures were taken of the child due to a “camera malfunction” (as noted by the worker). None of the references on the mothers behalf were never verified, the childs lifetime pediatrician was never contacted as well. The worker met with the father who gave his statement and was able to provide pictures and videos of apparently of “happier times”, the worker verified his references, a pediatrician who had only seen the child twice, a counselor who had seen the child 5 times with the presence of the father and a neighbor, case was closed due to “unable to determine”. The father would later appear for a hearing in Judge Terri White court where he would be arrested for Assault Causing Bodily Injury towards the mother and be tested for drugs. (The Assault charge is currently an open case with the Tarrant County Criminal Courts as of August 2011, with possible additional charges being filed against the father as well as an active EPO in place against the father with the child listed as well as two of his two half siblings) Ironically the Defense Attorney that represents the father in his criminal cases is actually the spouse of the fathers Family Attorney. The father would ultimately test positive for marijuana with results that would indicate to be chronic user, would seemingly make at least some of the accusations made by the child to be true! The child was interviewed by Judge Terri White where had disclosed to her that his father would call him names, that no he did not in fact whoop him that he down right would put his hands on him and everyone else in the home! That he in fact did not want to go and live with the father because of the drugs and mistreatment. The child was advised by Judge Terri White that the reason that he was placed with his father was because she didn’t like what his mother had done in her past and because his step father who the mother had been separated from and not been residing in the home together for years prior to the case being filed (who had been in the childs life physically, emotionally and financially) was convicted of selling drugs and that she believed that the biological father had looked for him.
After further review and investigating and several witnesses input, the father and his current wife (who has never appeared once in court with the father) who actually resides in the fathers home and also has been accused by the child to be a drug user have anything but a squeaky clean past. The father was actually accused of rape in 1997 while attending school in Fort Worth Texas. The father was arrested for theft in 1999, and currently has current open criminal cases. The wife who has never had to appear in front of Judge Terri White has been in trouble for hot checks (the same thing that the childs mother was slandered by Judge White for) and been accused to be a drug user by the child. In June 2011 the father had filed a motion to place the mother on supervised visitation stating that she was not complying with the orders and that she should be ordered to pay him child support. This issue was never addressed by Judge Terri White causing the father to be irritated once again. A decision was handed down by the District Judge on 7/29/2011 ordering the child to go back and reside with the father as shared custody but that no child support would be paid (It was also discovered that the order had been amended by the childs fathers attorney and without the presence of the mothers attorney to state “No Family Violence Had Occurred”) yet it was still signed by the Judge with pending criminal charges. Father who demonstrated his unhappiness with this order would later on appear at the mothers home intoxicated and what appeared to be under the influence of something to discuss his concerns actually wanting the mother to help him with his criminal case, when mother didn’t agree he became more irritated and began yelling, because it was so late mother told him to leave that she didn’t want to disturb her children. After refusal their child had  went downstairs to help get the father to leave, father punched the child on the side of the face telling the mother “go ahead and call the police I am here but he will be sent back in a trash bag” afterwards leaving. The mother would then immediately excess the damage of a childs face ear and would take the child to the local emergency room where the child would be noted by an on call physician to have suffered blunt force trauma and would need to be followed up with in 1-2 days, child was listed in good condition upon discharge. Police were called to the scene by the on call hospital officer, where a statement was made and the child was spoken with (while his two halve siblings were in the room) by the officers upon arrival, mother was not present. CPS was also contacted again by the hospital nurse. Despite the current incident the fathers attorney filed yet again for a writ of attachment which would be signed on 8/1/2011 by another presiding Judge. On 8/2/2011 the childs mother would file a motion to set aside the Writ stating that the child had suffered injuries at the hands of his father (yet again). The motion would be seen by Judge Haddock who ultimately contacted Judge Terri White. Who ultimately would do what most are stating to be the unthinkable.
The mother who would seemingly be doing the right thing as instructed by local law enforcement was forced to release her child to CPS placing him in Foster Care but not before Judge Haddock (who had never seen the case, never heard the case, and never met either parent) would have a few choice words for the mother in front of the child who was being placed in Foster Care on the behalf of  Judge White recommendation. The mother and child would be told the unthinkable. That “Judge White has determined your mother unfit and unable to care for you”. That “Because your mother and father fight, you are being placed in Foster Care”
That “Mom I don’t know what you have done but Judge White is not happy with you , I have never her seen her like this towards anyone in my entire career” When the child begs and pleas with Judge Haddock  her response to him “Oh stop it you get that behavior from your mother” The child begins crying very emotionally the Judge offers no comfort to him stating “Don’t blame me I am not the bad guy you need to talk to Judge White” when the child ask her “will I be adopted the judge jokes “no of course not but, if you want I can try to find you two new parents” the child crying tells the judge “my mom is perfect she hasn’t done anything to me” the Judge replies “Judge White doesn’t think so”, The 12 year old child would then begin to cry and try to explain to the Judge his reasoning of why he didn’t want to go to dads the Judge tells him “If you over talk me again you will go to Juvenile instead of Foster Care!” (Is any choice better than the other?).  Ironically a question of what was going on was directed to the fathers attorney about the case. The attorney would then respond to the Judge indicating that the mother and child were not being honest and that she had already discussed this with Judge White, that the mother had made two CPS reports against dad, and moved three times recently. The Judge went on to tell the mother of the child that “Judge White and I have known (fathers attorney) since she was a baby and she would never disclose any information to her client or lie”! (It has now been proven that the mother had recently moved once, and that the CPS reports actually were made by the local law enforcement and the local hospital which would be indication of a lie on the fathers attorneys part).

 Did anyone not realize that there was a 12 year old child named Jordan that only eight months prior had been taken from the only family and life that he had known but ultimately placed with family who were all strangers to the child by Judge Terri White? And now placed with complete strangers in Foster Care by Judge Terri White? So while this child sits in Foster Care because of Judge Terri White ultimate dissatisfaction with mom as stated by Judge Haddock. Because,  after review and several conversations with different people there is a lot of dissatisfaction with the father especially as a parent.

Is Jordan not to be heard? Does he not have a right? Does he deserve to be mistreated or displaced based on personal opinion or for what seems to be bios towards one parent which would happen to be the parent that he adores. Can he ultimately have a “normal” life after this? Or is he being considered just another case on a docket? And I will extend a question, what does this message send to other domestic violence victims? Do they not have a right to protect their children? This child is currently sitting in Foster Care two days after receiving an injury to the head suffered by the hands of the father. Judge Terri White is hearing this case again on 8/8/2011 at 9:00. Please pay attention to this child and ask IS THERE JUSTICE FOR JORDAN?


  1. This really scares me I'm not well rehearsed or educated in court proceedings but I'm also fighting a battle for my daughter that I have taken care of so the last 13 years and now that she's a teenager the father wants to come into the picture and wants either full custody of 50/50 has not provided financial support and it's amazing to me the court system relies the physical abuse but there's nowhere that states that mental abuse is worse and this is what my child is going through but somehow she's convinced by her father that I'm the bad parent I can't make a judgement on a 13 year old but it breaks my heart that my child could be ripped away from me just buy one decision of one judge.

  2. I need help and education on my resources if anybody can help me out and educate me what are my rights I have an attorney but I do not feel that she's doing everything possible to put those unfit father where he belongs he is almost $100,000 and child support not for just my daughter but he has six other kids. I am so lost confused and scared..

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